Antoine Roset


Antoine Roset, great-great-grandson of Ligne Roset founder by the same name (Antoine Roset), runs the family business in North and South America under the company Roset USA based in New York City. He grew up in the city of Lyon, France, immersed in the family business (his father, Pierre, and uncle, Michel—the fourth generation of the Roset family—own the business), which began as a small walking-stick company in Briord, France in 1860. Nearly 150 years later, Ligne Roset has grown to a multinational furniture design and manufacturing company with factories in France, headquarters in Briord and more than 200 exclusive Ligne Roset stores and over 750 retail distributors worldwide.

Antoine began his career learning from outside the family and working at luxury watchmaker IWC in Paris. He was soon promoted from marketing manager to sales director, overseeing the French market. After three years with IWC, Antoine joined the Ligne Roset business and moved to New York City, where he is now Executive Vice President of Roset USA, the American subsidiary of the Roset group in charge of North and South Americas. In his current role he has continued to build a strong consumer business in the Americas and has recently and drastically increased the Ligne Roset Contracts division in the region.

He is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur (ESCE) and also holds a MBA in Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management from Institut Supérieur du Marketing de Luxe (ISML).

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