Congress Keynote

Dr. Lucinda Kaukas Havenhand

Syracuse University - College of Visual and Performing Arts

Dr. Lucinda Kaukas Havenhand is a designer, design historian, and theorist whose research considers the larger connections between design and culture. Her work focuses on issues of gender and identity as well as design's role as an empathetic and transformative agent in today's society. She holds a Ph.D. in art history (20th century design and theory), an M.Phil. in interdisciplinary humanities (design, theory, women’s studies), and a B.F.A. in interior design. She teaches design history, theory and studio at Syracuse University where she is an Associate Professor in the Department of Design and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies.

Her current work includes: with Carla Corroto, “Collaborative Autoethnography: The Design and Architecture of Disability Studies,” in Disability and Qualitative Inquiry: Methods for Rethinking an Ableist World. R. Berger & L.A. Lorenz (ed.); Russel and Mary Wright’s Guide to Easier Living: A Blueprint for a “New American Way of Life.” Interiors: Architecture, Design, Culture special issue Seductive Discourses: Design Advice for the Home; "The Dream House and Constructions of Masculinity in 1940's American Literature" Raizman, David and Carma Gorman, eds. Literature, Audiences, and Objects: Alternative Narratives in the History of Design, 2007; and “American Abstract Art and the Interior Design of Ray and Charles Eames” Journal of Interior Design, 2006.