Pierre-Yves Panis

Philips Lighting

During his 25-year career, Pierre-Yves Panis has often been asked what design is. When Mr. Panis talks about design, he talks about the way design is structured. “Don’t ask a designer to build a bridge, but rather ask them the best way to get across the river,” Mr. Panis suggests. According to Mr. Panis, design should start by asking why it’s necessary to cross the river in the first place, and why a bridge is preferable to a tunnel or even a boat.

According to Mr. Panis, good design provides a rewarding experience, through comfort, ease of use, productivity or performance. In short,” he explains, “a good design offers a service that makes the whole user experience satisfying.” With Philips, Mr. Panis is pushing technology to make lighting more human-centric. Philips Hue is a connected lighting system that transforms spaces through tone, strength, and colour.