July 19, 2017

Archello new “How It’s Made” exhibit will be part of the expo!


Coming to the World Design Summit in Montreal this October 16-25, Archello’s new ‘How It’s Made’ exhibit will reveal the materials, products and technological innovations behind today’s most imaginative architecture projects in a unique and tangible way.

This new exhibit draws from Archello’s online How It’s Made series, which features multiple stories around a project coming from the architect to the manufacturer. At the How It’s Made exhibit, you can experience these stories in real life. Alongside a reference project, a sample of each feature material or product used is shown, allowing you to touch, feel and see how it can be directly applied and realized in a built project.

Carefully curated by materials consultant Jim Salazar and the Archello team, the How It’s Made exhibit travels to top architect and design events around the globe. The exhibit recently featured at the ARCHITECT@WORK Toronto exhibition.

Next stop will be World Design Summit in Montreal where the How It’s Made exhibit will headline alongside 1000 speakers and 30 key lecturers with an anticipated audience of over 30,000 professionals.

If you have any questions about the exhibit you can contact Tom Kolnaar at

In collaboration with Financière des professionnels, AAPPQ, Daltile and Innovo inc.


Dutch startup Stonecycle makes bricks that are made from waste

Metis turns the mediterranean seagrass Posidonia Oceanica into a lighting fixture


Organoid’s Wildspitze is made from Alpine grass texturized with arnica and daisies



MVRDV uses Poesia’s glass bricks for shop storefront


OMA cladded the Fundazione Prada with Alusion Aluminium Foam made by injecting air into molten aluminium


For its Serpentine pavilion BIG chose to use a glass fibre composite bonded with a translucent matrix that allows the light to filter through the layers