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    Montreal is internationally renown for it’s creativity, lifestyle and cultural diversity. This UNESCO design city is celebrating in 2017 the 50th anniversary of Expo ‘67, the 375th anniversary of Montreal and the 150th of Canada, all at once!

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The City of Design.

Only in Montréal does a simple stroll seem like time travel: you go back in time or leap to the future with every step!
With memories of New France swirling amongst ultramodern construction, it’s no wonder that Montréal was the first North American city to be appointed a UNESCO City of Design. Tourisme Montréal

Montréal is definitely a “city of designers”:
Over 25,000 professionals work in this lively field that is responsible for 34% of the overall economic impact of the cultural sector.

Strategies have been developed over the years to highlight Montréal’s designation as a UNESCO City of Design, such as ensuring better recognition for designers, improving access to public commissions for designers, raising awareness of the talents of Montréal designers and architects, and developing their markets.

Efforts to broaden the use of design and architecture competitions have resulted in multiple calls to creative practitioners aimed at increasing design quality for buildings and public spaces.

Read more from UNESCO.

Celebrating 375

In 2017, Montréal is celebrating its 375th birthday, with a year-long program of events, interactions, exhibitions and surprises!

Browse the City’s full event program to see what you can enjoy, learn and experience while in town.

Design Venues and Museums


The city boasts a significant number of venues for the presentation of design, along with well-known organizations that highlight the creations of designers and architects from Montréal and elsewhere. These include the Design Centre of Université du Québec in Montréal, the Canadian Centre for Architecture, the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts and the Maison de l’architecture du Québec.

Over 40 museums throughout the city offer endless opportunities to see and experience both the timeless and the contemporary in art, craft, architecture and design.

Check out Montréal Museums

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